EDC: What Else Should You Carry?

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 10/20/2019
Glock 19 Nashville Armory

When I first started out carrying a firearm about two years ago, I honestly didn’t think much about the other items I carried in my pockets, with the exception of my keys and my wallet. But as I’ve been around other like-minded and prepared individuals, I’ve “upgraded” my EDC to what I now deem essential in my daily routine. I believe the three ways I’ve changed up my EDC can benefit most responsible citizens and can hopefully give them something to consider.


Larger frame handgun:

My first EDC firearm was Walther PPS M2, which as a striker-fired, sub-compact was a decent choice! It has a small frame, 7-8 round magazine capacity and subtle safety feature in the form of a pointed indicator at the back of the slide indicating the firearm is loaded. As a first time concealed carry user this was perfect, but I quickly realized there were better options. I now carry a Glock 19 in an appendix style holster. I came to this choice simply because on my frame (5’11, 175lbs) it was just as easy to be concealed and gave me a larger mag capacity, better recoil control and more surface area for my hands. If I had considered that off the bat, I could’ve saved myself some money upfront and I urge new concealed carry license holsters to explore all options before choosing their EDC weapon, including larger frame pistols.


Medical gear/Tourniquet:

I was told by our “Stop The Bleed” instructor, Paul that if you have the tools to “add holes in people, you should have the tools to plug holes in people”. This phrase is critical and I believe is seen as an oversight in the EDC world. Carrying a tourniquet or medical gear and having the basic knowledge to control blood loss on yourself or others is a helpful skill that can save your life! This EDC change was surprisingly easy! I attended a hemorrhage control course and learned how to apply a tourniquet, and now I carry a SOF-T in my back pocket and a medkit in my car and bag. You don’t have to be a doctor or work in EMS to learn these skills and the fact that it can save your life should be taken as seriously as carrying a firearm.



This item is probably a no-brainer and carried by most people in the EDC community, but a good knife can be useful in so many ways. Controversy aside, I carry a Benchmade Mini-Boost. Benchmade produces great quality knives with the added benefit of free sharpening and a lifetime guarantee on all their knives. I’m not a huge knife guy so this is perfect for when I don’t want to go through the hassle of sharpening or fixing my knife. But if Benchmade isn’t your style, any folding pocket knife will do the trick when it comes to opening boxes (its main use), cutting rope, being a makeshift screwdriver, a possible defense weapon and more!

What are some of EDC items you think are overlooked? What are some specific EDC items that are unique to you? Leave your responses in the comments because we would love to hear them!

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Jason Edgley
1/4/2020 10:51 am

Great Choices! Gonna dive on this a bit.

My EDC Firearm of choice is also a Glock 19 G4. A few things as it relates to what a person will carry. EVERY. DAY. You MUST HAVE familiarity with the firearm. If you KNOW you can present from concealment, you KNOW you can place a round where you NEED to, if you KNOW how to manipulate the handgun when you experience a malfunction/reload etc, you're doing well....don't stop! Being able to produce effective repeatable results.

Reliability. Glocks are one of if not THE most reliable handgun ever produced. We can preach all day long grip angles, "plastic gun", ugly, blah blah. It friggin works. Every single time. Again, and again, and again. My point isn't to make sure you have a Glock...although I WOULD recommend one, but to make sure your carry piece is reliable. Do you trust that hardware with your life?

Ammo. Defensive ammo in your EDC. Target ammo when you shoot paper. Federal, Hornady, Speer Gold Dot. They work great.

Knives. A stabby thingy is always good to have. Not a gas station folder, get a quality knife.

Tourniquets save lives. Not just for gunshots. A person is far more likely to get in a motor vehicle accident, work accident, bad fall, than getting shot. This is a must have item. Keep one on you, keep one in your car, your spouses car. Again, you NEED to know how to use it.

Go bag. Emergency kit. Blowout bag. Its a "what happens if" bag. Whatever you want to call it. A bag/backpack with emergency stuff. I carry one in the trunk of my car. It stays there. Extra loaded AR mags, G19 Mags, Water, food, Space blanket, flare, flashlight, multi tool, knife, day/night signaling device(s), medical (Tourniquet + intermediate medical supplies), compass, batteries, etc. A bunch of stuff that I hope to never need.

Training. In everything above and then some. Continue to educate yourself. Continue to educate others.

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