LAS RONIN 3.0 Review

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 12/17/2019
LAS Ronin 3.0 Holster

The Ronin holster by LAS is a new product that we started carrying in-store about a few months back and at first glance, the Ronin looks similar to the popular T-Rex Arms sidecar but with a bungee split between the firearm and the mag caddy.

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I personally had been carrying a Glock 19 in an ANR appendix style holster for about 6 months and before that a Glock 43 in a Vedder appendix holster. Both holsters are comfortable in the appendix position but would give me issues when drawing, where the holster had moved out of place during everyday movement and hadn’t provided me the best angle for a good grip on the handgun.

Although practice does make perfect with most holsters, my experiences left me feeling unsure of my ability to get a good purchase of the firearm quickly and effectively. After doing some research online it seemed to me that holsters with an included mag caddy and belt hooks that stretch wide across the holster gave me the best support when removing the cover garment and reaching for the firearm.


When It came to choosing what brand of holster, I was torn between the T-Rex and LAS. What I found is that both holsters gave me the support and consistency of draw that I wanted but the bungee break between firearm and mag caddy in the LAS gave me more flexibility in movement. I was familiar with more flexible movement with the ANR and Vedder holsters I had used in the past, so the Ronin 3.0 has become the best of both worlds in my opinion. The obvious added bonus of this holster is the addition of a second magazine. I now feel completely comfortable with the amount of ammunition I have on the body and the ability to draw from a consistent holster. Now I just need to keep on practicing (as everyone should) on the draw and presentation.

What is your current EDC? Do you feel its necessary to carry an extra mag? Let us know in the comments below!

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