How To Buy Your First Firearm

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 7/27/2020
New Firearm Owners

Purchasing a firearm at the Nashville Armory can be an easy process!

Take these points into consideration before making your first firearms purchase and the process can go as smoothly as possible.

1. What is the purpose of the firearm?

What do you plan on using the firearm for? Self-Defense, hunting, sport shooting? Take some time and think about the scenarios you might use a firearm in and doing some research online is a good way to gather an opinion on a specific brand name or model. While you are thinking about the purpose of the firearm, it is a good idea to set a price range of what you are willing to spend for a quality firearm.

Colt 1911

2. Take an introductory course

Our range offers introductory courses for multiple firearms including Handguns, Shotguns, and AR-15 style firearms. We recommend taking these courses with a rental firearm if available or booking private instruction and discussing everything from how a firearm works to narrowing down a few different options of firearms you may want to purchase.

private instruction

3. Rent it before you buy it

In conjunction with introductory courses, renting firearms on our range is a cost-efficient way to test a firearm before you make the big purchase. Trying multiple firearms to determine what is the right fit for you can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run!

Renting firearms

4. Meet all the legal requirements

The biggest hurdles of purchasing a firearm are being aware of the state and federal laws regarding the purchase of a firearm. To give a quick summary of requirements:

You must be above the legal age to purchase a Pistol (21 yrs) or Rifle (18 yrs)

You must be a TN resident and bring your ID with you

You must be able to pass a background check and have no felony charges against you

You must fill out an ATF Form 4473 which is submitted to the FBI NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). The process ensures you are legally eligible to own a firearm.


5. Speak with our Sales Associates

At this point, you should be more confident in your choice of a firearm but if you still need some guidance, our knowledgeable Sales Associates can walk you through the options available and the purchasing process as a whole. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these tips and we hope to see you in our store soon!

Sales Associates

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Nashville Armory Staff
8/6/2020 2:43 pm

Hi Brendan.

This article was written about laws and policies oriented towards Tennessee state laws and the Nashville Armory's policies. In terms of buying firearms in California, I would highly recommend researching the state laws and knowing exactly what firearms and accessories are legal in your state (ie, 10 round magazines, AR-15 limitations,etc). From there you can either order a firearm from a reputable online distributor and have it shipped your local FFL or look in local gun stores following the tips we mentioned to find the firearm that fits your needs. Hope this helps.

Brendan O'Gara
7/29/2020 3:27 pm

I saw this link to this from your IG page. Thank you for posting.

Do you have any recommendations that you can add to this list for buying in Califonia? I usually ask if a particular firearm is CA legal and rarely get a solid answer. Please advise. Much appreciated!

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