Ferro Concepts Slickster Review: The Gear Locker

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 5/6/2020
Ferro Concepts Slickster Plate Carrier

The Plate Carrier


A plate carrier is by no means necessary for your trip to your local indoor shooting range, but in special circumstances like advanced training, or during adverse times (cough cough… like COVID-19) it could be advisable to pick one up! This review will only be focusing on the carrier itself as I will be writing up another article solely on armor.

Armory Ranges - Shooting Class

The plate carrier I chose to go with was the Ferro Concepts Slickster for a variety of reasons. The first being that Ferro Concepts is a reputable manufacturer in the industry with a large catalog of products that have been used by Military and Law Enforcement for years, all with glowing reviews. The intent behind the Slickster is another reason I chose it.

Armory Ranges - Shooting Class 

The Slickster’s low visibility and modularity are what attracted me. I wanted a plate carrier that could be scalable to the “mission”. An example of a scenario would be if I was walking in a bad part of town, I can wear it slick under a jacket, or if I was hitting the range or a training course I could wear it with an AR magazine placard and IFAK. There are a lot of plate carriers on the market today but for the average civilian, this rig allows for the bare necessities (armor protection) while having the option to add more kit if the individual feels the need.Armory Ranges - Shooting Class


Speaking of the bare necessities of the rig, out of the box it has the ability to hold armor in the front and rear plate bag and to hold iPhone sized items in the elastic cells on the cummerbund. I’ve placed an extra AR mag and SOF-T tourniquet in the cells pictured above, but I could easily fit a smaller IFAK, a small general-purpose pouch, a phone, a knife with a sheath or other items of that general size.

 Armory Ranges - Shooting Class

But if you desire more space, you can always pick up different placards or velcro attached pouches. Like the Ferro Concepts Three mag shingle that can be easily donned or doffed by slipping the G-Hooks out of the molle webbing and disconnecting the velcro. Or lower waist bags like the Spiritus Systems SACK pouch seen earlier that attaches right to the plate bag and dangles below. Spiritus and Ferro are just a few of the many companies that offer compatible placards. To name a few more, Haley Strategic, Velocity Systems, and AXL Advanced all have quality products with slightly different design choices that warrant looking at all the options.

Armory Ranges - Shooting Class

Another benefit of this carrier is the overall comfortability. This is obviously subjective, but I do like smaller carriers that tend to be more form-fitting and just cover the vital organs with no excess fabric. The size and form of the carrier allow me to easily shoulder my rifle, crouch down, go prone, and move my arms to each side of my body without being hindered by the vest. Being a civilian and having the luxury to choose what carrier I want from a large market is a great feeling. Some of the older, cheaper surplus issued vests that LE or MIL sometimes get are bulky with design flaws that when tested in the field, don't yield satisfactory results.

Armory Ranges - Shooting Class

The interior of the carrier is lined with mesh to allow air to pass through between the plate bags and your body, keeping the heat to a minimum and providing an extra cushion from the plates. The shoulder straps also come out of the box slick and thin but with velcro on the back to add aftermarket pads of your choice.

After owning this carrier for a few months and using it frequently, as much as a civilian can it has proven to be a good investment and I would recommend it to others. I will be following this article up about the armor I chose to pair with the Slickster.


Please feel free to comment! Let me know what you think of plate carriers? What plate carrier do you own if you have one?

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