Favorite Firearm Friday S&W 442

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 10/15/2021
Favorite Firearm Friday S&W 442



J-frame revolvers have taken a bit of a backseat to modern semi-auto pistols for defense but I still believe they have a viable purpose and can be a good option as a carry firearm or for recreation. Specifically, J-frame style enclosed hammer revolvers are the ones that I can speak the most to.



The S&W 442 is the firearm that I chose today because of its size, safety features, and overall feel. The 442 is a medium hand-sized revolver with an enclosed hammer and an 8-10lb trigger pull. I personally own this firearm and its main purpose is self-defense and concealed carry. It has become my pocket carry firearm of choice because of its overall small size and heavy trigger pull. The heavy trigger pull is an added safety feature that allows me to feel comfortable carrying a revolver in a fabric or leather style pocket holster(which are really the only pocket holster options available) without the fear of an accidental discharge from pressing too hard on the holster. The enclosed hammer also allows for an easy draw from a pocket or from other unique holsters like ankle or shoulder holsters.

Firearm S&W 442
Firearm Friday S&W 442

*Pictured with a MTR Leather pocket holster*

Now the .38spl caliber isn’t the most powerful round out there for self-defense but +P loads and brands like Federal, Speer and Winchester make solid hollow point options to increase velocity, penetration, and overall performance to get it up to the .380-9mm spec ballistics.

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