Favorite Firearm Friday POF MP5

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 10/15/2021
Favorite Firearm Friday POF MP5

MP5 Clone (POF-5)




The MP5 is one of the most iconic submachine guns ever and when the opportunity arose to pick one up at a fair price, I jumped on it. Movies like Die Hard, Navy Seals, Predator and pretty much every 80’s action movie have had a variation of the MP5 in it. To say these movies influenced my taste in guns is an understatement so the MP5 was destined to be in my collection.

Nashville Gun Range MP5 submachine gun


The POF-5 is a Pakistani MP5 clone made with H&K tooling. This firearm looks nearly identical to a correct MP5 and performs just as well in my opinion. I have shot true HK MP5s and overall It's hard to see any real difference besides trademarks and some minor cosmetics. Some of those minor cosmetic flaws would be the finish does wear easily and there were more than a few scratch and wear marks from the factory. Other than that, the firearm acts like a true MP5 and will accept any MP5 aftermarket parts that I know of.


Because I own this particular firearm, I have it kitted out with the items listed below:


B&T Flash hider

Midwest Industries MLOK handguard

Arisaka vertical grip

Surefire M300


Zenith flat trigger pack

A3 F type stock

SEF navy trigger housing

HK parts scope mount

Sig Romeo 4T

Nashville Gun Range fully automatic submachine gun for rent

If you have shot an MP5 then you know the trigger is nothing to write home about. Even aftermarket triggers like the Zenith don’t do a whole lot to decrease the 5-6lb trigger pull. Either way, I don’t believe this gun is one most people look for when they want a crisp trigger or an unbelievably accurate firearm. I believe most owners look at the MP5 with rose-tinted glasses and let nostalgia and the overall “cool” factor of the firearm be the main driving force in purchasing one. That being said, it's a great range toy and conversation starter and has become one of my favorite semi-auto 9mm rifles.

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