Favorite Firearm Friday Dan Wesson 1911

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 10/15/2021
Favorite Firearm Friday Dan Wesson 1911



The 1911 has an outstanding history as a service pistol in the U.S. military and obviously has had a cultural impact in the world from film and T.V. I’ve always been interested in the 1911 because of the way it looked and the history behind it. It's a full metal sleek design, with nice edges and quality fit and finish, whether its parkerized or blued, it appealed to me. These overall characteristics have grown on me over the years and have led me to look more into full metal older pistols.

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The firearm above is Dan Wesson Vigil. This is a government model 5" barreled 1911 chambered in 9mm. I chose this particular firearm because of the reputable name of Dan Wesson and the look and feel of the firearm. It has great pointability and ergonomics and shoots incredibly flat. This 1911 operates like any other government model 1911 but in 9mm. I chose this caliber because it is what I'm familiar with and many of my other handguns are chambered in 9mm as well as ammunition is somewhat available. A 9mm 1911 appealed to me because in one of my favorite gun-centric movies “Way of the Gun” the main characters use 9mm Colt 1911s. Colts would have been the obvious choice but Colt’s quality of firearms has been hit or miss in recent years.


Overall the 1911 is iconic and tons of fun to shoot. It is definitely outdated (depending on who you talk to) compared to modern semi-automatic pistols but it is comfortable, smooth shooting and in my opinion, a great gun to own.Dan Wesson 1911 Firearm

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