Do I Just Need A Handgun Carry Permit?

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 12/11/2019
Handgun Carry Permit Nashville Armory

Although a Handgun Carry Permit is a great start to exercising your second amendment rights, it is not practical to think that you will be prepared for a dangerous situation solely from learning the state’s laws and completing the shooting and written test mandated by the state. This is why we offer classes like Handgun 101, Shooter Improvement 1 and more advanced courses further down the line.

We believe is important for a person who decides to protect themselves with a firearm, to get adequate training either before or after receiving their Handgun Carry Permit.

The Handgun 101 course was originally called “how to be successful in a handgun carry permit class”. It is designed to fill in the gap before carrying a firearm and to teach you how to be effective with a firearm, whereas the Handgun Carry Permit course teaches you the legality of carrying. What you can expect in Handgun 101 is a discussion on safety manipulation and operation of the handgun. Students will be able to handle guns in the classroom, learn how to physically perform the tasks that are discussed in the first hour and then eventually shoot their firearm. This class is offered for semi-automatic handguns and revolvers as well so that no one is limited to the handgun they choose to carry.

Shooter Improvement 1 is the class we always recommend to new shooters who have some experience with operating a handgun and is perfect for individuals who just have received their Handgun Carry Permit. Instructors teach students to learn to self-diagnose shooting problems (like “my gun is shooting low and left”)  and to expand on shooting fundamentals. This course will give students shooting drills they can practice outside of the class and help build the skills and muscle memory to advance to other courses we offer.

We hope you consider these classes in conjunction with the Handgun Carry Permit class to be as prepared as possible when you first start carrying a firearm and exercising your second amendment rights!

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