Armory ONLINE Training: Coming Soon!

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 9/18/2020
Armory Online Training

We are excited to announce Armory Online Training! This is the NEW venture in the Armory Ranges brand. Armory Online Training will consist of 6 online-only courses that can be accessible all over the country! These courses include but are not limited to:

TN Concealed Carry Permit Course: The course will include the state requirements and information needed to possess a TN CONCEALED Carry Permit. Read about the differences between the Enhanced and Concealed Courses Here

Handgun Basics: Our instructors will teach the differences between the many models of handguns, basic handgun handling, function, operation, and disassembly.

AR-15 Anatomy: This course primarily deals with the firearm's nomenclature, the cycle of operation, and clearing procedures.

AR-15 Basics: AR-15 Basics picks up where Anatomy left off with going over firearm handling, manipulation, shooting positions, and zeroing the rifle.

Shotgun Basics: Shotgun Basics will introduce shotgun safety procedures, different types of shotguns, how to load and unload a shotgun, operation, disassembly, and basic handling and mounting.

FREE Gun Safety Course: This will be a free course that consists of general firearms safety and maintenance

These courses are a great start to your firearms training and create a fundamental understanding of the most prevalent firearms in our society. Build upon this knowledge by following up with in-person courses that include live-fire shooting and hands-on experience. These courses will go live TBD in October and November and pricing will be released soon. Stay Tuned for more updates as we go along on Facebook and Instagram

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Mark Davis
10/3/2020 12:47 pm

This is great news ! Have been going to armory since they have opened.There will be better continuity In learning from instructors you see at range and online. Good job.

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