Tornado in Tennessee

  • Author | Griffin H
  • Date | 3/4/2020
Tennessee Tornado

The tornado this week has been very tough for a lot of people and has destroyed parts of our community. The Nashville Armory went out to see and help first hand in the Five Points Community.


We drove around most of East Nashville and saw houses destroyed, trees sprawled across streets and trash everywhere, but we also saw tons of people outside and helping their neighbors. It was inspiring, to say the least, to see people band together in the face of tragedy to help one another fix and clean up their area.


We set up next to "Your 4 Way Market" with the permission of the owner and police and gave out free hotdogs and water to all those affected and all those helping out. It was a fantastic turnout of people in the area and we gave out over 400 hotdogs and water bottles over 2 days. We had a great time talking to people and giving support when we could.


If you would like to help as well in some way please take a look at this graphic listed below! Thank you to all that have volunteered and are continuing to do so as people piece together their community.


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