The New Concealed Carry Permit vs. Enhanced Carry Permit

  • Author | Nashville Armory Staff
  • Date | 1/14/2020
Enhanced Carry Permit VS. Concealed Carry Permit

So if you live in Tennessee and are considering carrying a firearm, you may have noticed the new updates to the carry permits effective in 2020.


Currently, there are two different Handgun Carry Permits available to Tennesseans. The TN Enhanced Carry Permit and the Concealed Handgun Carry Permit. We’re going to run through the differences between the two and the class options you have as a resident of Tennessee.


Enhanced Carry Permit:


The TN Enhanced Carry Permit is essentially the same as the original Handgun Carry Permit just with an updated name. The training required for this permit is a state-mandated 8-hour informative safety course that includes a written and shooting test at an authorized training facility, such as Nashville Armory. This permit allows the holder to open carry or conceal carry. Currently, the TN Enhanced Carry Permit has reciprocity (an agreement which honors Permits across state borders) with 38 other states. A significant amount of Tennesseans travel to these surrounding states. 

This course costs $95 at our training facilities and we believe it is the best option for receiving a carry permit. Once you’ve completed the course, the application fee is $100 and the permit is valid for 8 years. There is also an option for a lifetime application for $300. You can find more information and here:

Concealed Handgun Carry Permit:


The NEW Concealed Handgun Carry Permit only allows residents to conceal carry and the training required to receive this permit is substantially less than the Enhanced Carry Permit. The TN Concealed Carry Permit may not carry reciprocity with many of Tennesee’s surrounding states and states are NOT required to notify Tennessee of any reciprocal restrictions. Training varies between a traditional in-person firearms safety class or an online firearms safety course only offered by a firearms instructor certified by TDOSHS. Both in-person and online courses include a written test to confirm competency.


We currently offer a condensed 4-hour class at our Franklin location that is $80 and includes proper firearms safety and handgun nomenclature in the class and includes a written test. Once the course is completed the application fee is $65 and can be issued for 8 years. There is NO lifetime application for this permit


Our Take:

Between the two options of carry permits, we believe the Enhanced Carry Permit is the best bang for your buck. The Enhanced Carry Permit gives you more carry options, more purchase options and the 8 hour training course gives you knowledgeable information of Tennessee’s gun laws, handgun safety, and basic firearm knowledge. We believe the online course option of the Concealed Carry Permit course is doing residents a disservice and is allowing people to carry firearms without proving they can adequately shoot and carry a firearm.




  • Lifetime and 8-year permit options

  • Required 8-hour informative safety course

  • Shooting and written test

  • Allows open carry & concealed carry

  • Reciprocal with 38 states

  • $100 application fee



  • Only 8-year permit option

  • In-person or online training course (approx 90mins or more)

  • Only written test

  • Allows concealed carry

  • Unknown reciprocity with other states

  • $65 application fee

We hope this article is informative and if you have any questions feel free to comment!

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can you get a conceale carry permit online in virginia
5/5/2020 5:21 am

I have a New York State concealed carry permit. Which state permit should I apply for?

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