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About Our Ranges

New to Armory Ranges?

We are excited for you to experience Tennessee’s first Five Star Ranges! If you would like to speed up the first time check-in process, fill out the waiver HERE
(Please note that the information you provide must match your driver's license.)

Rentals and Lane Fees are located HERE


Armory Ranges contracts with Action Target out of Utah to design and install the most technologically advanced range equipment in the country. The climate-controlled bays provide shooters with a comfortable and clean shooting environment year around. Our range bays will handle anything you can throw at them with a handgun, rifle, or shotgun up to but not including .50BMG

Group Events

Armory Ranges offers group events at our Nashville location! Our events coordinator can plan and reserve an event, party or team-building outing. This service includes lane reservations, range rentals, event space for 20+ and an LCD TV w/HDMI connection. Please email our events coordinator here:

Special Packages

Storm the beach with our D-DAY Package! Shoot the guns that won World War II and have been seen in countless movies and video games since. The package includes weapons and ammo: a Milspec 1911 A1 (50 rounds), M1 Carbine (50 rounds), and Full Auto Thompson Submachine gun (2x 25 rounds magazines) plus 2 targets and the lane rental fee.
SWAT Package
SWAT Package $125.00
Take a shot with weapons made famous by SWAT teams from all over the country! This package includes weapons and ammo: Full Auto MP5 submachine gun (2x 25 round magazines), tactical 12ga shotgun (5 rounds) and Glock 9mm pistol (50 rounds) plus 2 targets and the lane rental fee.
Beginners package
Beginners package $50.00
The Beginner's Package is great for any new shooter! The package stays in the .22 caliber range and gives the shooter a feeling of a rifle, semi-automatic pistol, and a revolver with little recoil and a great entry-level price! 100 rounds of .22lr, 2 targets and the lane rental fee are included.